We believe that many women hold a tremendous, untapped resource in their hands and minds that has the potential to yield huge returns for entire communities.  So, by partnering with skin care specialists, Dermalogica, Vacation Goddess is proud to promote their joinFITE global empowerment platform.

Designed to foster financial independence for women through entrepreneurship joinFITE provides microfinance that allows woman to develop their own sustainable business. 

Not only does the women's own situation improve, but her entire family and community benefit. By providing sustainable solutions to help communities become more self-sustaining, it’s a way to give someone a hand-up rather than a hand-out.

Microfinance via joinFITE helps mobilise women’s productive capacity to alleviate poverty, provide food, shelter, housing and education in their communities, create jobs and maximise economic output.

We invite you to visit joinfite.org for more information on how you can invest in the future success of a female entrepreneur in a developing country.

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