Smart thinking from Art series Hotel

13 more customised Smart Cars have been delivered to the Art Series Hotel Group forming part of the Group’s luxury passenger fleet – Australia’s most prevalent and extraordinary with a private helicopter and a further 4 chauffeur driven options.

The convoy of 35 cars offers guests the chance to have an unforgettable urban adventure and unlike other schemes around the world, self-driven.

The Smart Cars can be hired across each of the six properties at a rate of $30 for a half day, $50 for a full day or an hourly rate of $8, with complimentary access with all penthouse and two bedroom suite reservations.

With the next generation of luxury evolving to exemplify experience, authenticity and innovation, the availability of the fleet accentuates the group as a leader in providing hyper-personable experiences combined with unprecedented convenience to guests.

The 35 Smart Cars are shared amongst the six hotels, located in the hottest art and cultural hubs of Melbourne, Bendigo and Adelaide.  The helicopter provides a first-class form of travel, available to whisk guests away from Melbourne’s airport, directly to one of the four hotels in the heart of the city.

Each of the five star, boutique properties is dedicated to Australia’s most contemporary artists, and the fleet is no exception with the cars featuring signature works of art on their exteriors.

“Experience is everything. At each of our hotels, we hope to offer something a little extraordinary and bespoke to the individual. Making transportation easily available to our guests removes the boundaries of immersing in these amazing cities and the local culture. This helps create something more memorable and personally valued – this is the truest meaning of luxury in our eyes,” says Will Deague, Founder and CEO.

Ryan Tuckerman, Group Director of Sales & Marketing adds “The Smart Car is the most convenient and practical way to move around the city, yet is quirky and creative in its look and feel – much like our hotels. They most certainly enhance our guests’ experience and are a great accompaniment to an urban stay.”

The mini vehicle is perfect for zipping in and out of any chaotic city traffic, and taking up less space than the average car; parking becomes a stress-free affair. The forward-thinking Smart Car is also playing its part in reducing environmental impact, with little contribution to noise pollution and adding less chemical effluence to the air.

The Smart Cars can be booked in advance via tailored packages on the website or hired by visiting the concierge at each of the hotels.

The Art Series Hotel Group is the brainchild of Melbourne entrepreneur, Will Deague. The Cullen was the first Art Series Hotel to open in 2009, followed by The Olsen and The Blackman in 2010. The Watson then opened in Adelaide in August, 2014. As an innovative evolution of the brand, the Art Series Hotel Group expanded their offering in 2014 to a studio concept. Perfect for both regional and inner city locations, the four star hotels provide an out of the ordinary accommodation solution with the Group’s art inspired twist. This saw the opening of The Schaller Studio in Bendigo in May 2014 and The Larwill Studio that was open in Parkville in September 2014.

The boutique hotels and Art Series Residences offer the rare opportunity for guests to get up close and personal to original pieces of work and get to know the artists who created them. With a bustling catalogue of ways to immerse in the art that adorns the walls, including one on one tours and dedicated art channels, the six properties are the destination of choice for business or leisure travellers seeking distinctive and out of the ordinary accommodation.

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